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About Us

Our passion.

At Robbie Adrian we pride ourselves on being the premier manufacturer of organic baby blankets. Our goal as a company is to bring color, fashion and style to your organic baby blankets, toddler bedding and even Mom's throw blanket - because we care about both! Our passion is providing you with the highest quality and service. 

Our home.

We are located in California and our organic baby blankets are made in the United States, because we think that is important.

Our inspiration.

We love our families, respect the environment, and enjoy fashion. However, it has been difficult to find a natural blanket for baby or for our family and our friends that is healthy, environmentally friendly and stylish. Since we both tend to be a bit uncompromising when it comes to our families and friends, we decided to take some "baby steps" of our own and start Robbie Adrian luxury organics.

Our Cotton.

Our luxurious organic baby blankets are made from super soft 100% certified organic cotton fleece/velour on both sides. The cotton we used is certified back to the bale of cotton. We maintain a file of certification with each lot.

All of our cotton is dyed with low impact, non-azo, non-heavy metal, fiber reactive dyes. In our velour selection we currently offer a blanket made with whitened cotton velour. The whitening process is done with hydrogen peroxide as opposed to harsh chemical bleaches and meets American Organic Standards.




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