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A. Aude, Chicago, IL ~ Our Fall Photo Contest WINNER!
"I received this blanket from my best friend of 26 years as a shower gift for my 1st baby. When I saw it in the box, I thought it was just beautiful and even more beautiful once I felt it. I decided this was the blankie my daughter would be taken home from the hospital in and photographed in for her newborn photos. The photographer did such an amazing job with the lighting and really capturing her pink skin tone against the beautiful pink blanket. I am attaching a few photos for your consideration."




M. Watt, Perth Australia ~ Photo Contest Submission
"I would like to enter my son Benedict in the photo competition and also to tell you about why our blanket is so special to us. We bought a white Robbie Adrian velour blanket to use for his Christening which took place last month. I was a little worried that it would not be white enough to match his gown, but he looked so beautiful on the day. We were so proud of him in his white gown and blanket, and everyone commented on how lovely the blanket was. I especially loved the white frill which made the outfit look really special. We could not be happier with the product. Here are two pictures of him on the day. Thanks very much."

C. Hamilton ~ Photo Contest Submission
A quick note to say WOW! The blankets arrived yesterday, and I am so impressed. You weren't kidding to call your products luxury organics. They are absolutely perfect --- so perfect, in fact, that I'll be ordering an adult throw very soon. I don't think I've ever been so happy with an online purchase. My daughter loves hers to bits, which makes the dog a wee bit jealous. Here's a photo of him curled up with her blanket when she wasn't looking. I think he wanted a little luxury for himself..."

L. Carr, Vermont ~ Photo Contest Submission

"Our 4 month-old baby girl loves to snuggle in her Robbie Adrian blanket. When we wrap her up in it, she immediately settles down. In fact, right after I took this picture, she dozed off happily. The blanket was never too warm for her in the summer, and it keeps her cozy now in late fall in Vermont. It is one of the best gifts I received for my baby shower. And I love knowing that it is organic cotton and good for her soft baby skin!"



L. Connif ~ Photo Contest Submission
"Our RA blanket arrived for our newborn and, as suspected, our eldest keeps stealing it so he can snuggle up with two at the same time (his old and the baby's new). There is something about that ruffle....! The baby loves it just as much and it looks as though every child we ever have will need one of your blankets! As their mom, I couldn't be happier with the quality, beauty, and, most importantly, safety of your line. Thanks for creating such a perfect blankie!"

W. Martin, Savannah GA ~ Photo Contest Submission
"My son Yates just turned one and we love his Robbie Adrian blanket. I purchased his blanket before he was born and saved it for his birth announcement pictures. I hope this picture shows you how beautiful your blankets are, and how they give just the right amount of luxury to a sweet new baby!"





 T. Goodman - Photo Contest Submission

"Here is a picture of our son, Alden, in one of your blankets for the contest. He loves the softness of the blanket, and it keeps him nice and warm."






Krista Thorne, Baby Green Pea - Beaverton, OR
"Your gorgeous blankets arrived the day my second daughter was born. One of the extra pink blankets was set aside for her and it is her absolute favorite [pictured with blanket on her birthday]. I have tried every organic blanket on the market and nothing even slightly compares to the beauty and tremendous quality of your blankets. Thank you for creating such a wonderful organic line and for producing that line right here in America. I am more impressed with your company more than any other I have come across. You have a truly elegant line."

Sharon Witte - Palo Alto, CA
"One of my best clients recently had her second baby. I wanted to do something special for her and ordered a blanket from Robbie Adrian. They look fabulous on the website, but are even more luscious in person! My client called me and raved about the blanket and the packaging. She especially liked the seeds that are included in some of the paperwork. She is thrilled that the blanket is organic as she and her husband do their best to stay "green". The blanket is so soft and lovely, and organic too! I have already ordered another blanket for a work associate of my husband's, and plan to send another to a college friend who has just given birth to what they call a "miracle" baby (1st baby at 47!, they didn't think they could get pregnant). This is just the right gift for their miracle. Thanks, keep up the good work!"

Samantha Fewchuk - British Columbia, Canada
"Thank you so very much for the exquisite blanket. I wanted to let you know how truly thrilled I am about its quality! I was naturally a little worried, ordering it online, without feeling or touching it first.....but I am so completely impressed! I believe you guys have definately set the bar very high for everyone else selling "quality" items on the internet. I am very excited to wrap my little bundle of joy in it in a few months. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sue C. - Longmeadow, MA
"The blanket I ordered arrived today. It's beautiful, as is the gift box! Thank you so much. I had been looking all over for a beautiful, modern, organic blanket for my friends' first baby when I came across your website. You had a great selection. It was hard for me to decide which blanket to choose! I can't wait to give it to them. I know they will not only love the blanket, but the effort your company takes to make the entire process of making, packaging, and shipping your products environmentally friendly!"

Gary Johanson - Santa Rosa, CA
"Thanks for your personalized service. I am very pleased with the quality nature of your product. Each blanket will be going to three separate stepchildren's new babies, all due within 4 months of each other! I will remember your products for future reference. I was looking specifically for quality organic natural fiber blankets!

Sarah Fox - Rugby Warwickshire, UK
"Thanks for the organic blanket which arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! How lovely and warm it is - great for the cold British winters! Leon loves the softness and snuggliness of it and I'm glad it's organic!"

Meghan Brooker - Seattle, WA
"I just have to write to tell you how absolutely fabulous your blankets are. My children are thrilled and I couldn't be happier about your value system in action. I will spread the news. And don't worry, we are reusing the box and paper!! Again, I am SO impressed!!!"

O Baby Organics - Winston-Salem, NC
"The blankets are amazing! The packaging is beautiful and I am thrilled about them. They are here and looking stunning!"

Vertable Inc. - Destin, FL
"WOW!!! The blankets look great online, but in person they are superb! Thanks for your efforts in getting them here."

Kimberly Berg - Seattle, WA
"The blanket was lovely and had a wonderful handfeel. Thank you for the personalized service and I look forward to purchasing more from you as my friends and my household grows."

Seth C. - New York, NY
"Just wanted to let you know the blanket we received is exactly what we were hoping for. The materials were of the highest quality and even the packaging was well designed. We will not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends."

Julie Irby - Falls Church, VA
"I received the blanket, thank you so much. It is simply beautiful - and for my sister's first baby. A very special gift for sure! Thanks for being organic."

Kris H. - San Juan Capistrano, CA
"I received my order today, and just opened the box. I feel so wrapped in luxury! They are gorgeous, and I loved opening the box and seeing them all sitting there like a beautiful box of candy!"

Barrow Davis-Tolot – Los Angeles, CA
"The natural fleece blanket with natural silk trim is just what I hoped for. It is lovely. It is so soft and cozy, we are already using it every night. It is like a covering my son with a little piece of heaven!"

Joe Haller - San Francisco, CA
"The blanket was fantastic! Thanks so much. It was for a friends baby shower and they absolutely loved it! I admire your commitment to building a brand and product with a conscience! We know how very difficult it is. We have taken great pride in building our company on our terms with honesty and integrity. Not a common practice these days. All the best."

Chris O'Connell - Danville, CA
"I wanted to let you know how happy I was when I received the blanket I ordered. It is absolutely beautiful! The shade of blue is gorgeous and the organic cotton feels heavenly! This will definitely be my baby gift of choice from now on! Thank you for offering such a luxurious, environmentally conscious product!"

Kimberly Ryan – Sacramento, CA
"The quality of this blanket is incredible. I was given 37 blankets (ridiculous, I know!) when my first child was born, and this one is my favorite. It machine washes beautifully, even with the gorgeous silk ruffle. It gives me peace of mind to know that my new baby's tender cheek is resting on a natural, organic surface hand made with love in the US."

Teri P. - Brentwood, CA
"The package was delivered, and the 'Lil Robbie is beautiful!!!! I can't wait to give it to her! Thank you for sending it so quickly! You'll be hearing from me again soon when I know which color to order next."

Sunshine Cowgil, Store Owner - Website, Sunshine's Hip Baby
"You will think you're in heaven when you feel these amazingly gorgeous organic baby blankets and blankies from Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics. Made with 100% certified organic velour and fleece and naturally processed silk, these blankets are just the most beautiful baby accessories I've seen, maybe ever! We are so excited to support Robbie Adrian and offer their beautiful product line to you. These blankets are much nicer than so many we've seen that are more expensive, and they offer the security of knowing that they were organically produced, using only natural dyes and no pesticides or chlorine bleach."

Howard Hughes – Sacramento, CA
"Daddy and Mommy think that your blanket is great! It has become the “go to” blankie for Stevie. I don’t know what it is or how it happens, but like his sister before him, Stevie clearly has his favorite things. The combination of textures, colors and even smell have contributed to his affinity for his Ocean Blue Robbie Adrian blanket. Please know that all in the Hughes family are extremely pleased with the quality of your product and look forward to other fine products from Robbie Adrian Luxury Organics!"

Leora Roth - Ontario, Canada

"We got our blankets! I cannot possibly express how happy I am or how much I LOVE these blankets!!!!!!! I get so excited when I find a good quality product, especially for my kids. Your blanket is is so well made, so beautiful in feel and look. I am so very happy. And the wrapping!! Even your boxes are magnificent ;) You should feel very proud of the high quality product you are putting out. Finally, I have my ultimate baby "go to" gift!!! Thank you for all your work with getting my blankets to Canada. I really appreciate all your efforts. I can't wait to give them as gifts!!"

L. Connif ~ Our Photo Contest WINNER!!!
"My almost-2year old cannot sleep without his, has to be bargained with to leave it at home when we go out, and generally requires to know its whereabouts at all times! I cannot express enough how happy I am with our purchase of it -- not only is it wonderful to see how much my son loves it, but it has stood up to really heavy wear-and-tear and still looks almost-new/perfect. Here is a recent photo I have, choosing the comic-route with a sharp juxtaposition of a Chicago Bears sweatshirt and a beautiful organic "blankie".




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